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Published on March 14th, 2013 | by Kreeper


NYPD Has Declared Flatbush a “Frozen Zone”

“The NYPD has declared a portion of Flastbush a “Frozen Zone”, meaning media are not allowed in and people can be subjected to arrest for not following police orders. It basically means the area is under temporary martial law. The last times the NYPD declared a Frozen Zone was on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and during the beginning of OWS.”

Please call 311 to demand that everyone in connection to tonight’s Kimani vigil/march be released from the 71st precinct in Brooklyn.

Make the demand to the Commissioner of the NYPD Ray Kelly!

“NYPD decided not to release community members and Cop Watchers arrested at the vigil for Kimani “Kiki” Gray. Please call 7182502001 to demand NO charges be brought against all arrested,” – Justice Committee (JC)

If you have friends/family in NYC please tell them to call 311. If you live in NYC please call 311. Let’s get them free! Please share.


“The “frozen zone” is an arbitrary, official police business-sounding title that has absolutely zero legal merit. It’s something the NYPD made up, just as the “First Amendment zone” is something Villaraigosa made up to suppress media coverage of the Occupy raids.”

For more information, read on.

Stand strong, Brooklyn and Rest in Power, Kimani Gray.

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  1. jason says:

    It was really awful during the days after 9/11, when the frozen zone was made between 14th street and lower manhattan. There was no news, no TV, no food or bottled water, no stores open, no subways, no cabs and no way to know what was going on. There was just a lot of haze and smoke in the air. I couldn’t see for more than half a block. The police were in their cars passing, but no other cars were in sight. Once we found out where the norders were to the frozen zone, we could not leave, since they were only letting people back in that had ID with addresses. My girlfriend had a PO box on her ID, so she would not have been let back in. It was horrible, since the actually day of 9/11 wasn’t bad or messed up (other than the obvious) since the NYPD hadn’t been ordered to be involved yet. That day was peaceful and easy.

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